Recreation Centre

Located on a picturesque 350 acre farm with 1.5 miles of shoreline on Black Sturgeon Lake. We are just three minutes from the construction site with easy access off Highway 17A.
(Kenora bypass).

Our 8,000 square foot recreation hall has a seating capacity for 400 with a fully operational kitchen for preparing, catering and serving meals.

This hall is also equipped with washrooms, showers and has the capability of adding laundry facilities and a convenience store.

It also has a fully licensed lounge with an area for TV/VCR, stereo, and games, for after work enjoyment.


The site offers several choices for the location of bunk trailers. There is also ample room for campsites for RV's of any length.

Recreation for after a days work includes swimming on our private 1/4 mile sand beach, hiking trails, boating on Black Sturgeon Lake, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, wildlife photography, and during the winter months skiing, and snowmobiling.

The site gate is controlled and offers ample storage, both indoor and out.

The owners/operators of Keno Farms Recreation Centre are experienced in set-up/operation of Work Camps, catering meals to hundreds at a time, including site coordination and construction of the "End of the World Festival" which saw 10,000 people on site over a three day period.

The location and existing infrastructure along with the close proximity to the contruction site makes this the ideal choice for the Work Camp.

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